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AC Repair in Darien

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Don’t despair! Call JC Heating & Cooling for fast air conditioning repair!

A room’s air conditioner can mean the difference between extreme boiling heat and a comfortable and cold indoor climate. When your AC isn’t working as expected, you may require AC servicing in Darien. The responsible JC Heating & Cooling crew has worked with many AC units for years, serving the kind Darien community.

An AC system is an investment you trust will last for many summers and that helps keep you cool when the heat is unbearable. Unexpected problems can be stressful and bothersome, especially if you don’t know how to resolve them promptly. JC Heating & Cooling is just a phone call away!

AC Repair

Common Problems with Your Air Conditioning

It is beneficial to look out for these common problems your cooling systems might face such as:

Cold Air Is Not Coming Out

An AC unit will not blow cold air for one of three reasons, all of which require an air conditioning repair company to combat them. The first issue is that your AC is disconnected, or you may have a broken return air duct that is just drawing air inside. Repair any ducts with this problem and check your AC.

The second cause is that you are running low on refrigerant and need to pick up more. The third and final cause is that there could be an unknown issue with your outdoor unit. It then requires further inspection.

Your AC Unit Cools Your Home Unevenly

Say you notice the temperature of your home changes quite often, and your cooling system is not working as expected. Some potential reasons include incorrect insulation, leaking ducts, and blocked vents. You should inspect these potential problem areas and seek further assistance to fix this issue.

The AC Unit Stops Working Entirely

First, you should troubleshoot your AC by checking the thermostat and circuit breaker. Fix any issues with them by adjusting the temperatures or resetting any trips. Call up a technician for more help.

Water Is Leaking Out of Your AC Unit

Let your unit defrost by turning it off. The next step is contacting an AC repair professional to see why it leaks.

The Compressor Fan Is Broken

A broken compressor fan often results in overheating and your unit shutting off. This means that your space won’t get cool when it should and sometimes harms the compressor. Call a licensed AC repair technician in your area immediately if this occurs to avoid further damage to the unit.

You Hear Strange Noises Coming from Your AC Unit

You can hear many odd sounds from your cooling system, but each sound is due to a different cause. Clicking sounds and your AC turning off and on at random intervals is a relay problem.

This will require professional air conditioning repair. You also need assistance if you hear rattling, banging, or clanging.

Thumping is also unusual and could signal a broken blower or a motor that needs replacing. Also, squealing or screeching indicates a motor issue or a damaged belt ready to stop working.

The Outdoor Unit Has Frozen Condenser Coils

The area around your outdoor AC unit should be clear and unobstructed. Any objects or plants should be removed and relocated to avoid damaging the system.

How To Maintain Your AC Unit

  • Make it a part of your monthly routine to replace your air filters. It helps prevent clogging and problems associated with a backed-up air filter. They are relatively cheap.
  • A lack of coolant is one of the main reasons your cooling system will freeze up. You can be proactive and prevent it. Keep extra coolant in your home so you can be ready when it starts to run low.
  • Perform regular maintenance on your AC unit to address problems before they get worse. An easy fix today can become a dire problem months later if not immediately fixed. Call a pro.

FAQs Regarding Air Conditioning Repair

JC Heating & Cooling has applied extensive knowledge about air conditioning and HVAC systems while servicing many clients. Therefore, we have the answers to common questions you might be asking.

A general rule of thumb is if your AC repairs cost as much as (or more) than what you would pay for a unit, it is time to get a new one. AC repair vs. replacement can depend on many factors, including the release year, model, previous problems with the unit, leaks, energy costs, and more. The best way to know if your AC is beyond repair is to call a professional AC repair company near you.

After changing the batteries and adjusting the thermostat, your AC unit still isn’t working. Now what? Well, if the cooling system only blows warm air, you need immediate assistance from a contractor.

It is sometimes a good idea to cover your air conditioning system, but not always. Keeping a covering over it during the winter can trap rain or snow on the unit, allowing it to get in and for rust and corrosion to cause damage. A light cover can prevent leaves, debris, and pine needles from damaging it.

When you receive maintenance or repair, ask your AC technician what they recommend.

Yes. It is critical to keep your machine in good shape. This is typically taken care of during a routine annual appointment. The technician often includes it in their process because clean coils allow the AC to work without hindrance.

Clean your AC unit’s coils at least once a year and keep an eye on its condition over time.

The U.S. Department of Energy states that the average air conditioning system lasts between 10 and 15 years. Longevity may depend on the make and model of the cooling unit and who installs it. It does require regular maintenance and careful attention to keep it in the best state possible.

Some units can last even longer, but if you constantly spend money to fix them, it might be time to call it quits. You throw your money away by investing more than 30% of a unit’s price into your current one. At that point, it is better to purchase a new cooling system that won’t break down fast.

AC Repair at Home - What Can You Do?

There are some problems your AC has that you can deal with at home. If you know what to look for, you might be able to resolve a future issue your AC experiences yourself. Before you call our team of professionals for help, you should take the following steps to check your air conditioning system:

  • Inspect Your Air Filter – Sometimes, the problem with your AC is as simple as a clogged filter. Regularly clean out the buildup and see if you still have any problems. If issues with your unit persist, you know the filter is not to blame.
  •  Inspect Your Thermostat – Your thermostat could be on the wrong settings or set to the incorrect temperature. Check if this is the case. If not, this is not the issue you have.
  • Inspect Your Outdoor AC – Go outside and look at your outdoor cooling system.

How to Find the Best AC Repair Service in Hodgkin, IL

You cannot hire just anyone to repair your cooling system because it is a gamble with your health and wellbeing. You need assurance your property will be at the proper temperature and that your air conditioning will help you cool off when you need it most. So, how do you find an AC repair company?

  • Ask around your local community – One of the best ways to gauge whether or not your town or city has good contractors is to ask your family and friends. They can explain their experiences. It is helpful, especially if they have had the services you require performed.
  • Ask for a license number and insurance – A top-rated business should present their license number and insurance without any problem. If a company avoids answering the question or gives a vague response to these questions, you should continue your contractor research.
  • Do your research for nearby companies – With more information at our fingertips than ever, it has never been easier to browse for a contractor. You can find a dependable business for your specific town or county, but it is up to you to determine if they are the real deal or not.
  • Go with your instinct – If a company promises something too good to be true, it likely is. Reviews that appear written by bots or a lack of an online presence are red flags for a business. Yelp, Facebook, or Google reviews combined can help you get to know their service quality.
  • Obtain a recorded estimate from multiple businesses – Most companies provide a free quote or estimate when you call them. You can receive these from more than one business, compare their online presence, and decide which seems the best.
  • Read online reviews from trustworthy sources – Any established business will have positive reviews that are easily accessible. A local company with a good reputation will want to showcase that and make it known that you can contact them for reliable services. Read multiple reviews and see what past customers say to get a feel for the company.
AC Repair

Air Conditioning Repair Services

You may not know how to distinguish whether the answer to your AC problem is an at-home fix or if you need a professional. JC Heating & Cooling is a licensed, insured, and trusted business that guarantees exceptional service. You should give us a call for air conditioning repair if you notice:

  • Suspicious sounds coming from the unit
  • Musty odors wafting through the vents
  • Hot air instead of cold blowing out
  • Extremely dusty/dirty air filters
  • Quick or irregular cycling
  • Expensive and abnormal energy bills

We have worked with multiple AC unit models, makes, and manufacturers to know how to help you.

AC Repair Near Me - JC Heating & Cooling, Inc.

JC Heating & Cooling has served Darien, Illinois, for many years, and satisfied local clients have left over 200 5-star reviews for our business. Your most trusted air conditioning service company in Darien is ready to repair your AC unit and prepare you for the hot summer months ahead.

We are the best Midwest air conditioning repair business that proudly suggests “Google My Business!” Our company offers a service guarantee; that is how certain we are that you will be satisfied.

Call our trusted team now at 708-968-3131 for an air conditioning repair consultation!