Can You Move an Air Conditioning Unit?

can you move an air conditioning unit

If you are considering relocating your air conditioning unit, there are quite a few factors to consider before you begin. Fully understanding what air conditioner relocation entails is an essential first step that will make the rest of the process go smoothly.

What are the benefits of moving your air conditioner? How can you move an air conditioning unit? Follow along to make sure you fully understand the process so that there will be no surprises along the way! 

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 Why Would You Move an AC Unit?

You may be wondering what the advantages would be for moving an air conditioning unit. It is not uncommon for people to relocate their air conditioners for aesthetic, efficiency, or construction purposes.


Sometimes a person simply does not like the original location of their outdoor AC unit. If it is too visible from the street or clashes with their home’s exterior, they may want to relocate it to a less conspicuous location.

Similarly, an AC unit may be in an awkward position that prevents the homeowner from making the most of their current living space. If the unit blocks access to a portion of your porch or patio, for instance, you may want it farther out of the way.


Perhaps when technicians first installed the unit, they didn’t do so in the best location for efficiency. If plant life surrounds the unit, it will not function at its best capacity. AC units need a few feet of space around them to maximize airflow.

If your unit has bushes or trees surrounding it that you don’t want to cut down, it may be time to move the air conditioner to a more accessible location where it has extra room for air. 


If a customer is planning on remodeling part of their home, they may find their outdoor AC unit to be in the way. Whether you are putting in a new addition or just finishing your basement, you must consider the location of the AC unit so it will still be able to properly cool your entire home. 


Sometimes a customer decides to upgrade their air conditioner and relocate it in the process. If they are already getting a new unit, they may decide that there is a more convenient space for it that works best for the needs of the home. 

Often, people upgrade their outdoor AC units to improve efficiency and indoor air quality. A new AC unit is far more eco-friendly than an old one, and relocation could maximize its cooling potential and save you money on energy bills. 

Can You Move an Air Conditioning Unit Yourself?

You may be wondering, “How can you move an air conditioning unit by yourself?” If you are planning to relocate a window AC unit, you can probably do so without the help of a professional. Use caution and enlist the help of a friend, as these units can be heavy. 

If you are looking to move an outdoor AC unit, however, you must contact a professional. There are many different aspects to this process, so the relocation cost is well worth it. 

How Do Professionals Move AC Units?

Since an AC unit is a complex and heavy piece of equipment, the process of moving one is complex as well. First, your HVAC professionals will safely pump out the refrigerant, then shut off the power to the unit for safety. They then must cut and replace the pipes, in addition to adjusting the electrical work. 

Once they remove and level the unit, your AC professionals can refill it with refrigerant and reattach the final pieces. After installing and reconnecting the unit, the technicians will perform testing to ensure the air conditioner is properly functioning. Then you will be free to enjoy the benefits of your newly located cooling system! 

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