Summertime Will Be Here Before You Know It.

Is Your Air Conditioner Ready For the Task?

It seems like winter will never end, but summer will soon arrive in Chicago. Knowing Chicago, this could happen over the span of a few days. Before the temperature rises too much, get your air conditioner inspected… But will you get through another summer without costly repairs? Below are some signals that you need an AC upgrade before Chicago starts to melt.

Your Cooling System Is More Than a Decade Old
After a decade, many cooling systems may not work as well as when they were first installed. Whether they lose efficiency or need frequent repairs, air conditioner repairs can gradually become more expensive after they pass the 10-year mark. Sounds too expensive? Consider the benefits of upgrading to a new cooling system. When you buy a new system, you’ll face an upfront cost, but you can save money over time with many of the latest technology updates on new systems. Today, almost all new air conditioners work with programmable or smart thermostats, which allow you to save on utility costs by keeping energy usage low for long periods of time during the day.

Your Air Conditioner Always Needs Repairs
Pretty obvious, but air conditioners tend to need progressively more expensive repairs as they age. Over time, repair costs can increase, and summer causes stress to older operating units. Instead of waiting until mid-July to replace a failing unit, consider upgrading your air conditioner before summer starts. When you install a new system, you can feel confident that the new unit will keep your home as cool as possible while needing minimal repairs.

Your Energy Bills Have Increased
Of course energy bills are will peaks & dipp, depending on the season and your home/famiy energy consumption. A significant increase in your utility bill, however, is a sign that something may be wrong with your HVAC system.
Even the best air conditioners lose efficiency over time, and as.they become less effective at cooling your home, and they need more energy to keep your home comfortable.

Some Rooms Never Seem to Become Cooler
Are you completely freezing in some rooms while others never seem to cool down? If so, your air conditioner may have lost its ability to run efficiently, especially if your air conditioner is continually operating.

When you call JC Heating & Cooling, we arrive promptly, we inspect your system and only if needed, will we recommend an upgrade. When you start feeling the heat, just call us, we are here to help.