HVAC Scam Artists

We hate hearing about people scammed by other HVAC Companies or HVAC Contractors. Some tips to protect yourself from these con artists.


Living in Chicago or the surrounding suburbs, you already know that energy costs are high, and keeping them down without sacrificing you or your family’s comfort, should be the primary goal concerning HVAC in your home. One of the easiest ways to achieve that goal is to ensure the air conditioning and heating units are simply running at peak efficiency, maximizing the power, minimizing any loss of hot/cold air in delivery.

Those employing the services of J.C. Heating and Cooling, already know that they are going to get their work done on time, be treated well, and get a bill that is reasonable. But not all contractors operate that way. Unfortunately, like many industries, HVAC companies has its share of nefarious contractors who aren’t necessarily honest in all their dealings., or simply employ incompetent, untrained people, who aren’t really aware of how to fix your problem with efficiency, and you pay for their lack of expertise in the form of paying for a lot of new equipment you might not have even needed. Here are a few ways to avoid getting scammed by a Chicago HVAC Contractor / Company.

Start by Researching for Customer Referrals and Opinions
Verified Google reviews are particularly terrific in providing consumers with referrals quickly, and deliver ratings based on actual services provided by various companies. This is something that’s pretty quick and simple, so people looking for an Chicago Area Heating Cooling Company, should make this their first stop.

“Can I See The Old One?” Insist on Inspecting Replaced Parts
HVAC customers just assume that when a contractor replaces a part and charges for it, that the part was actually replaced in the first place. But you are not going to actually know whether or not a part was actually replaced. They might have fixed your old motor by reconnecting loose power input, and charged you for the new motor. Much like an auto mechanic, a lot of things we have to take on blind faith. But this isn’t one of them. Make them show you the “old” part and have them explain why the replacement was necessary.

“So, Talk Me Through This Bill”
Consumers should quiz their contractors and get a full report of the entire service, detailing the time necessary to perform the job along with a visual examination of replaced parts. Then and only then, should you be satisfied that all work performed was in fact required.

Establish a Solid Working Relationship with the best HVAC company you can find (Ours :).
When setting up a service contract for the first time, it’s important for consumers to establish a solid working relationship with that contractor right from the start. If a consumer uses various contractors for HVAC service, not having an established working relationship can lead to more chances for getting ripped off. Having that solid relationship with your HVAC company creates peace of mind in knowing you’re being taken care of, and you don’t have to spend time wondering if you are getting a fair deal for the products and work performed.
Skip All of This Stuff and Call the Best HVAC Company in Illinois
It began with the simple goal of creating a HVAC company in Chicagoland that had our values. Prompt, efficient service, with honest and fair pricing. These things shouldn’t be as hard to find in an HVAC company, and yet, here we are. Our rapid expansion throughout the Chicago Suburbs is a testimonial to our business philosophy. The other testimonial, is all the testimonials! Check out our reviews, check the sources, at the time of writing this, we are just about 5/5 stars everywhere you look, and we intend to keep it that way.