How Do I Stop My Air Conditioner from Blowing Fuses?

During the summer, we receive many calls from homeowners asking, “how do I stop my air conditioner from blowing fuses?” The last thing you want to deal with on a hot summer day is a malfunctioning air conditioner that doesn’t produce any cold air or keeps tripping the circuit breaker every time you turn it on. In most cases, electrical issues are the source of the problem, and a professional AC repair technician can solve them and quickly restore cool air.

Here, we explain the most common causes of blown AC fuses and how to prevent them. At JC Heating & Cooling, Inc., our expert technicians have the skills and experience to diagnose and repair air conditioning problems. If you suspect an electrical problem with your air conditioner, call Hodgkin’s reliable AC repair team at 708-968-3131 for prompt and efficient service. 

Why Your Air Conditioner Keeps Blowing Fuses 

The first time your air conditioner blows a fuse, it may not be a major concern, especially if it never happens again. However, if the unit has ongoing electrical issues, then it likely has one of the following underlying issues:

1. Dirty Air Filter 

If the air filter is dirty, it blocks airflow through the air conditioner and forces the unit to work harder to produce cold air. Overworking the air conditioner requires more power, which can create an electrical overload that trips a breaker or blows a fuse. Therefore, one answer to “how do I stop my air conditioner from blowing fuses?” is to keep up with maintenance and change or clean the air filter frequently to preserve airflow. 

2. Malfunctioning Capacitor 

The electrical capacitor controls the flow of electric currents through the air conditioning unit. If it malfunctions, then it can cause blown fuses and other issues. Replacing the capacitor can solve the problem, but it’s important to leave this job to a professional. 

3. Excess Voltage

Does your air conditioner trip a breaker or blow a fuse when you use other appliances, like the vacuum or the dishwasher? When a single circuit experiences excessive demand at any one time, the electrical overload can result in a blown fuse or tripped breaker. Turning off or unplugging unnecessary devices may free up enough power for the air conditioner to run, but have an electrician or AC repair professional investigate the problem to prevent ongoing interruptions. 

4. Low Refrigerant 

If your air conditioner has a refrigerant leak, it has to work harder to produce cold air. Like a dirty air filter, this forces the unit to work harder and use more power, which can blow the fuse. Have an HVAC technician locate the leak and make repairs, then refill the refrigerant. 

5. Faulty Electrical Connections 

If the connections within the fuse box aren’t secure, you’ll likely encounter issues like blown fuses when running the air conditioner. Changing temperatures and vibrations can loosen electrical connections, so if you’re having trouble with the air conditioner, check them to ensure everything is secure and in place.

6. Fuse Box Problems 

In addition to loose electrical connections, problems within the fuse box or breaker box can cause repeated fuse issues in the air conditioner. Connecting a faulty appliance to the same circuit, a damaged circuit breaker, an overworked fuse box, or a short circuit in the electrical line can all cause air conditioner issues and need attention from an electrician.

7. Malfunctioning Condenser Fan 

During the cooling process, the condenser fan blows air over the condenser coils. If the fan malfunctions for any reason, it has to work harder to move air, which puts more strain on the motor and draws more electric current. Eventually, without repairing or replacing the fan, the excess strain can blow a fuse.

Trust JC Heating & Cooling, Inc. for Help with AC Electrical Issues

Electrical issues in an air conditioner are not only inconvenient, but they can also be dangerous and reduce energy efficiency, driving up your power bills.

If you suspect your air conditioner isn’t working because of a blown fuse or other electrical issues, call JC Heating & Cooling, Inc., the most respected heating and air conditioning company in Hodgkins, IL, for help. Our team of licensed, trained, and certified technicians can be there within 24 hours to diagnose the problem and find an affordable solution. Call us at 708-968-3131 and get the answer to “how do I stop my air conditioner from blowing fuses?” and restore reliable cooling to keep your home and family comfortable.