How Do You Know When It’s Time For Your Furnace Time To Go?

Chicago can put furnaces through the ringer, and the byproduct of a broken furnace is the possible release of the odorless, colorless gas carbon monoxide. A few classic warning signs of a broken furnace and some are easy to spot, some not. Some require a pro. Broken furnace not only deprives your home of heat and comfort, its a slow drain financially, plus there is the “it can kill you” thing too.

Some of the unrecognizable warning signs.

Carbon monoxide is the most common household poison, sends more people the emergency room (or worse) arbon monoxide. The gas could come from a few places in the home, but the furnace is the most common source of all, esecially likely harm, a broken furnace.

Becasue CO gas is colorless/ odorless, it can go undetected. It can make someone drowzy or cause drowsiness, vomiting, which can be written off as something as simple as “the flu”. create flu-like symptoms. Sometimes a person may fall asleep, and never wake up. Scheduled maintenance of your furnace by a qualified heating and cooling company like JC Heating & Coolng (and there are not many like us:) will drop your risk of carbon monoxide gas poinioning.

Some of the recognizable warning signs, but, you really have to pay attention.

Experienceing a noticeably higher energy bill? Suddenly? Warning sign! Higher utility bills can be a clue that your sure sign of furnace is overworked, it has run more than usual for its weak output. This could just be the result of clogged or dirty air vents/filters. If your monthly bills are higher than those of the same time in the previous year, it may not just be because gas prices are higher. If its your first year, ask some neighbors if they mind sharing their monthly heating/energy expense.

There are other warning signs of a broken furnace, too. The most obvious is the failure of your furnace to bring your home up to the desired thermostat settings or to maintain an even temperature. Cold or uncomfortable houses are sure signs of a broken furnace. The furnace may cycle on or off, causing an uneven or inconsistent flow of heated air. This can be because of a poor blower or a clogged furnace filter. A cracked gas line can emit an odor, and may cause a furnace to break down as well.If you don’t feel any moving heated air or detect any unusual odors or smells coming from your heating vents, that’s a sure sign of a broken or malfunctioning furnace.

Don’t take a chance of losing heat and comfort this winter. At the first possible warning sign, call JC Heating and Cooling for home heating system tune-up.