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A Guide to Buy Best AC Unit in 2018

With a wide range of cooling systems in the market, there are several superb systems for your home. Choosing the right AC unit for your house depends on a range of factors such as how your home is constructed, and your comfort preferences to mention a few. This is where you need to assist you to choose the best AC unit for your house needs.


What are the various types of Best AC Units?

As you already know, there are several system options to choose from for the best AC unit for your home. By distinguishing the various types of cooling systems, you are better informed of the choices available and the levels of comfort they offer.

Air conditioners offer home cooling using home’s duct system. The heat is emitted using indoor cooling coil components, fans, refrigerant lines and other equipment. This whole-home solution uses heat pumps to remove heat from your home. From your interiors, heat is extracted and transferred outdoors, ensuring that your living room remains cool and comfortable. Heat pumps feature an exterior unit combined with an air handler.

Ductless air conditioners on the other hand are simple and deliver cooling to the areas where they’ve been installed. The individual zone solution uses individual air handlers which are installed in an area and connected to an air conditioner exterior unit or heat pump. The cooling systems can be expanded to use multiple air handlers, but that depends on the equipment you select.

Which are the best AC Units for your home?

When choosing the best AC unit for your home, you may consider many variables. Below are the most common situations for users and the best AC unit options for each.

In need of whole-home comfort

There are several options if you need a whole home solution. Whether you have existing ductwork or wish to install ducts, you only need a heat pump to deliver the cooling you need. If you do not have ducts, you can use a ductless cooling system which can be expanded to include your preferred number of zones in your home. Why miss the complete cooling comfort?

In need of heating and cooling

The ideal AC units to use for heating and cooling would be a ductless air conditioner with inbuilt heating. As mentioned earlier, heat pumps deliver cool air by means of extracting heat from the house. When the outdoor air temperatures are cooler, they offer heat indoors by working in reverse. Simply put, heat is extracted from the outdoor air and transferred into your home.

Ductless systems that use heat pumps work the same to ensure comfort in your home. The difference is that the ductless systems come with base pan heaters to ensure warmth to individual zones when needed.

My home does not have ducts

Your home lacks ductwork? Don’t worry even if you don’t plan to install them. The best AC unit in your circumstance would be a ductless air conditioner. You only need to install air handlers directly within your preferred living zones to ensure cooling. Luckily, single outdoor units can work with multiple air handlers on the system’s configuration to provide cooling throughout your living space.

In need of zoned cooling


Any of these air cooling systems can deliver zoned cooling when configured properly. Ductless air conditioners are quite affordable yet an easy way to ensure zoned cooling as you need to install air handlers in your areas of choice to serve the comfort of just that area.

Air conditioners and heat pumps need to be configured with a zoning system to provide comfort for your individual living areas. Better yet, the system comes with individual thermostats to ensure that you can control the conditions of each zone.

I want to save on energy costs

Heat pumps comprise the best AC units for a home if energy cost is your primary concern. The units work excellent and use less power to produce satisfactory cooling output. Moreover, during the wintertime, they offer efficient and affordable heating for a year-round comfort solution.

Another great way to ensure low energy costs is to go for the air conditioners with higher SEER ratings. The common market offers a federal minimum SEER rating of 13 or 14, but you can get high-efficiency air conditioners of up to 26 SEER to keep your cooling bills under control.


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