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ERV/HRV System Installation

#1 For ERV/HRV System Installation in Hodgkins, IL With Over 130 5-Star Reviews

Everyone wants quality air circulating throughout their homes. One solution to increasing fresh air in your home is to open windows and doors. The problem is that while you might be getting rid of stale air, you’re also putting unnecessary strain on your heating and cooling system. When you install an energy recovery ventilator (ERV) or heat recovery ventilator (HRV), you get the best of both worlds: improved indoor air quality and energy savings.

An ERV or HRV system helps bring fresh air into your home, pushes stale air outside, and keeps your HVAC unit from overworking. At JC Heating & Cooling, our team of professionals is your choice for ERV/HRV heating installation services in Hodgkins, IL, and the surrounding areas. Call us today at 708-968-3131 to learn more about how an ERV/HRV unit will benefit your family.

How Heat Recovery Ventilators Work

Energy recovery ventilators and heat recovery ventilators are similar in that they bring fresh air into your home while keeping energy waste to a minimum. However, a few key differences may sway your decision regarding which type to install. 

HRV units work as heat exchangers, continuously drawing fresh air from outside and passing it through outgoing air from inside. The process is called “counter-flow heat exchange,” where one current pulls heat from the other. The exchange conditions the air from outside to match your home’s temperature by the time it flows indoors.

What Is the Difference Between ERV and HRV Systems?

ERV systems work very similarly to HRV systems. The main difference is that while an ERV exchanges heat between currents, it also helps balance indoor humidity levels by exchanging moisture. HRV systems may be a better choice for cold climates, so talk with your technician before making a decision. 

Installation of Your ERV/HRV Unit

Because installing an ERV/HRV unit requires an addition to your HVAC system, you must always leave such tasks to a trained professional. Now is not the time to change into your DIY superhero costume!

Multiple design considerations may need addressing when installing the unit. The technicians on our team have the training and experience necessary to offer you the best solutions for an ERV/HRV installation. They are ready to work with you to ensure total comfort and satisfaction.

Maintaining Your ERV/HRV Unit

Regular maintenance and cleaning of your ERV/HRV units are essential. When your HVAC system includes multiple components, let the certified technicians at JC Heating & Cooling service the entire system. ERV and HRV systems generally last around ten years with regular maintenance.

If you are looking for a way to improve the air quality in your home without increasing your energy bill, it’s time to think about installing an energy or heat recovery ventilator system. For ERV/HRV installation services in Hodgkins, IL, look no further than JC Heating & Cooling. We provide full-service heating and air conditioning services, from installation to maintenance and everything in between. Call us today at 708-968-3131 to schedule a consultation.