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Boiler Installation and Replacement

#1 For Boiler Installation and Replacement in Hodgkins, IL With Over 100 5-Star Reviews

Warm your home all winter long. Call 708-968-3131 today to schedule boiler installation or replacement.

Living in Illinois shows you how cold the winter season can be. Without the right piece of properly functioning heating equipment, your home can become a frigid place. That’s why you need boiler installation and repair in Hodgkins, IL.

Boilers are vital for providing your home with heat when the outdoor temperatures drop. With a functioning boiler, your home can be your comfort place, no matter the conditions. Whether you’re buying your first boiler or replacing an old or malfunctioning one, JC Heating and Cooling has you covered.

As the #1 company for boiler installation and replacement in Hodgkins, IL, we’re here to guarantee your comfort throughout the winter. Our team of highly trained and experienced technicians at JC Heating and Cooling will ensure your warmth efficiently and professionally. Call us today for quality heating installation services in Hodgkins.

What Does a Boiler Do?

Boilers are vital pieces of heating equipment that can have extended lifespans. What truly sets boilers apart from other types of heating equipment, such as heat pumps, is their ability to quickly and drastically increase inside temperatures. 

Because they can rapidly and significantly heat homes, boilers are more proficient in states with cold winters, such as Illinois. When the temperatures drop outside, lowering the temperature of the air inside, boilers can return the internal temperatures to a warm and comfortable level. The process is relatively straightforward.

Boilers hold water, heat it, and turn it into steam. They send that steam through your house’s pipes to the radiators in each room. The radiators use the steam to warm the air that circulates your home and the water that runs through your showers and faucets. 

Types of Boilers

When choosing your type of boiler for boiler installation and replacement in Hodgkins, IL, we recommend standard and system boilers. Let’s compare the two.

Standard Boilers

Standard boilers, sometimes called regular or traditional boilers, utilize both a hot water cylinder and a cold water tank. You can use the hot water for showers or have the boiler convert it to steam to heat your home. As the hot water cylinder depletes, the cold water tank restores it. 

System Boilers

Unlike standard boilers, system boilers do not use a cold water tank. Instead, they utilize a hot water cylinder and take cold water directly from the mains.

Which Boiler Type Is Better?

The standard and system types are excellent residential boilers for households with more than one bathroom. The cylinder allows for multiple people to use hot water in succession or simultaneously without waiting ages for the water to heat. 

However, due to the cold water tank, a standard boiler will take up more room in your house. The tank typically sits in a loft, which often discourages usage of that loft. A system boiler may be the better option if you’re looking to minimize the size of your boiler and utilize a loft.

How to Know When You Need Boiler Replacement

As briefly mentioned, boilers can have long lifespans. However, they will begin to break down and malfunction at some point. Here are a few ways to know that you need boiler installation and replacement in Hodgkins, IL:

  • Your boiler is more than 15 years old: A boiler’s average lifespan is around 15 years. If you’ve had yours for longer, it might be time to consider a replacement. 
  • You call for constant repairs: Your boiler may still function, but you consistently call for repair services. When this is the case, the repairs will cost more than a new boiler.
  • Water is leaking from your boiler: Technicians can often repair water leaks, so they don’t necessarily mean you require a boiler replacement. Still, you should call for maintenance to assess the severity of the issue.
  • Strange noises are coming from your boiler: Like water leaks, this is an often reparable issue that you should still check.

Boiler Installation and Replacement Near Me

Installing a boiler is a challenging and potentially dangerous task. Due to the risk, it’s strictly a job for professionals. Let our team of experts at JC Heating and Cooling get you set up for the coming winter with boiler installation and replacement in Hodgkins, IL.

Not sure which boiler is right for your home? Give us a call, and we’ll talk you through your choices, including fuel type, make, and model. 

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