What is the Best New AC Unit Money Can Buy 2018?

Best New AC Unit to Buy

I personally think “comfort” encompasses a lot more than just temperature. Comfort needs to account for temperature, humidity, noise level, airflow and air velocity, and air quality. Beyond that even, I think true comfort is also having peace of mind.
By peace of mind I mean; the confidence in knowing my cooling and heating equipment is efficient enough that I can set it to maintain whatever temperature I want without concern of a ridiculous power bill as a result. Also, knowing my new HVAC System is highly reliable and covered by a great warranty.

When I design a new air conditioning and heating system for a client, I like to start with an interview to find out which of these are the most important to them and in what order, so we can find the brand and model that best suits their desire and budget. The point of this article is based on the notion that money is no object.

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