Befriending Warmboard

Since the founding of JC Heating and Cooling in 1997, we manage to keep our customers satisfied with the exceptionally high-quality products available on the market. It is part of our customer service philosophy. This is why we pride ourselves on these three business model aspects: Quality, Honesty, and Integrity.

Why We Stick With Warmboard?

Because of our constant focus on customer satisfaction, JC Heating and Cooling chooses the leading product based on features, benefits, and cost. Warmboard radiant floor heating system has been proven as our number one choice. Despite the ease of installation, Warmboard offers detailed manuals and step-by-step technical support to make the process even quicker and more efficient. They bring great customer care to our company in order for us to fulfill your needs with immediate response and reaction time provided by our trained and professional team.

Why Should You Choose Warmboard?

Warmboard offers even and consistent distribution of heat throughout the floor, avoiding cold spots that many homeowners so often complain about. Due to its general excellence of standard, Warmboard is among the top energy efficient products available, where it significantly cuts down the energy use in your household. Talk about major savings!

Warmboard is compatible with various flooring types, including carpet, tile, or stone. And one of the best features is the quick response time, where the system heats up in minutes without delays.

Make smart choices when shopping for a high-quality product that is designed to stay with you for a long time. We did.