AC Vent Leaking Water in the Winter: What You Need to Do

While preparing your home or business for winter, you may not anticipate leaky air vents as a potential cold-weather problem. If you’re searching for help due to “AC vent leaking water in winter,” learn why this problem occurs and when you need Willowbrook’s air conditioner repair services.

Should I Be Concerned If My AC Vents Leak?

Any time you find a leak in your home or commercial building, addressing it quickly can prevent more significant problems down the road. Water damage on ceilings, walls, and floors may spread into subfloors and foundations. Stopping the leak can save your building from future structural problems.

The steps taken to resolve a leaking AC vent include:

  1. Discovering the source of the leak.
  2. Repairing the leak with the help of a professional plumber or HVAC specialist.
  3. Clearing up excess moisture in your unit, air ducts, or vents.

Too much moisture in any part of your HVAC unit may introduce mold and mildew to your property. A moist environment also encourages bacterial growth, which could make you or others in your building sick. Take care of leaking AC vents before a more severe problem develops.

Why Does Water Leak from My Air Ducts During Winter?

Property owners seeing water leaks from their AC vents may fear a leak in their roof. However, vent leaks may occur for many reasons. Let’s look at the most common reasons for AC vent leaks and how to handle them.

AC Unit Problems

If your AC unit doesn’t have proper insulation during cold weather, you may see a leak due to your unit freezing over. Blocked drain lines can also cause your vents to leak. In both cases, you can handle fixing the leak yourself.

Frozen air conditioner units require thawing before you can use them again. Once you’ve restored your unit to working condition, insulate it before the next cold snap comes along. If you have blocked drain lines, remove any debris and ensure the line has thawed.

Another frequent problem with air conditioners is a broken condensate pump. This part keeps condensation from building up in your unit, so leaking from AC vents often signifies an issue with the pump. An HVAC specialist can repair or replace the pump to prevent water damage from excess moisture in your system.

Ventilation Issues

Are you searching for “AC vent leaking water in winter” because you see water dripping from a bathroom vent? This problem often occurs because of poor ventilation in the room.

When you turn on your bathroom’s ventilation fan, it should remove humidity from the space. If improperly installed or vented, water may rain down from the vent.

If you notice a leak coming from your bathroom vents, check that the fan pushes humidity outside correctly and hasn’t been building up moisture in the air ducts. Once you know the vents work, clean any excess water off the vent and fan blades. 

Upstairs Bathroom Trouble

Leaking or damaged toilets or drain pipes can cause water to drip from vents below them. If you have trouble locating the leak’s source, contact a plumber before an HVAC specialist.

Plumbers will diagnose the problem if it originates from an upstairs bathroom. After, call your local AC experts for help repairing any water damage in the vents.

How Can I Prevent Leaking Air Ducts During the Winter?

If you wish to avoid the lengthy troubleshooting and repair process of leaky air vents, practice the following preventive steps:

  1. Insulate your HVAC or AC unit before cold temperatures can freeze the unit or damage drain lines and other parts.
  2. Ensure professional installation for all bathroom, kitchen, and laundry room vents.
  3. Prepare your HVAC system for winter weather by running the system’s fan. The circulating air takes care of potential moisture build-up in your system while warming up your air ducts.
  4. Add extra insulation around air ducts to combat freezing temperatures during the winter.

Professional HVAC Specialists Can Help Prevent Winter Vent Leaks

With so many potential causes of a leaky vent, it’s essential to prepare your home for the colder season before you have to search for “AC vent leaking water in winter.” JC Heating & Cooling experts serve homes and businesses in Willowbrook, IL with professional HVAC maintenance, repair, and installation. Call 708-968-3131 to speak with one of our certified HVAC technicians today.

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