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AC Maintenance in Westmont

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Summer is approaching, so you’ll hopefully have plenty of time to enjoy beautiful weather and quality time outdoors with friends and family. After a fun day of playing in the summer sun or enjoying a nice outdoor workout, you’ll want to escape into the cool of an air-conditioned home. Routine air conditioning maintenance ensures your AC unit can provide refreshing cool air all summer long.

JC Heating & Cooling Inc.’s professional maintenance services guarantee that your Westmont home will remain comfortable throughout the year’s hottest season. Call 708-968-3131 today to schedule regular maintenance for your system.

AC Maintenance

The Importance of AC Maintenance

While you may doubt the importance of AC maintenance, scheduling regular service for your system is crucial to keeping it healthy and functioning correctly. Annual tune-ups and cleaning performed on your AC system keep the cool air flowing into your home consistent and clean.

Neglecting to schedule regular maintenance increases the likelihood your AC system could develop more severe issues. Chronic neglect could lead to disrepair, which can be much more costly than routine air conditioning maintenance. As a result, we strongly recommend annual AC maintenance.

Benefits of Air Conditioning Preventative Maintenance

Air conditioning preventative maintenance provides your system with various benefits that will save you time, money, and stress. In addition, performing this service is one of the few ways to guarantee that your system works year-round.


Routine maintenance to your Westmont home cooling system will improve its efficiency. Maintenance practices ensure that your air conditioning runs at the correct temperatures for the desired duration. Systems that run for too long without maintenance can become slow and unreliable.

Cleaner Air Quality

Since air conditioning maintenance involves cleaning and filter replacement, preventative maintenance improves the quality of air flowing into your home. Cleaner airflow becomes especially important during allergy season, where extra dust in the air could exacerbate any problems your family or you experience.

Lower Utility Bills

Since the efficiency of your system will improve with routine maintenance, you will likely notice a decrease in your monthly utility bills. Investing in air conditioning maintenance now can save you money in the long term.

Increased System Lifespan

Routine checkups and tune-ups for your AC system directly impact its health and longevity. Your AC unit is like a human body. If you don't go to the doctor, it is much easier to miss potential health issues and cause more significant problems.

Air conditioning maintenance will find issues before they evolve into more severe problems. It also ensures that your system avoids premature failure before its ten to 12-year life expectancy.

Decreased Need for Repairs

JC Heating & Cooling only hires experienced technicians who can accurately diagnose problems early in routine maintenance. Examining your system regularly for potential issues will likely eliminate the need for more frequent repairs.

Repairs or replacements of your unit's blower motor or condenser coil can be expensive and stressful. Scheduling routine maintenance to help avoid repairs is another way to save money.

AC Maintenance Checklist

Although our professional service technicians at JC Heating & Cooling are well-versed in every available air conditioning preventative maintenance process, it’s essential to understand the scope of these practices. Remaining aware of the work on your HVAC unit will allow you to ask informed questions and be active in the maintenance process.

Your technician’s AC maintenance checklist includes: 

  • Visiting one to two times per year for preventative maintenance
  • Checking all thermostat settings
  • Applying lubricants to all belts, coils, and moving parts of your system
  • Tuning-up and tighten all electric connections
  • Thoroughly inspecting the condenser unit
  • Examining all system controls
  • Replacing all filters
  • Cleaning fans, blades, and other areas where dust collects
  • Cleaning and inspecting the condensate drain
  • Answering any additional questions you might have about JC Heating & Cooling’s services

FAQs About AC Maintenance Service

While the advantages of air conditioning maintenance services are undeniable, many customers still have lingering questions about these practices. Below are common FAQs about AC maintenance services.

You should schedule an AC maintenance service in Burr Ridge, IL, at least once or twice a year. . While this may seem excessive to some, seasonal weather changes can adversely affect your system, especially if left unserviced for too long.

While you might think it’s possible to save money by taking matters into your own hands and performing maintenance on your system, you should avoid this. HVAC systems involve electrical components, toxic gasses, and mechanical parts that can be dangerous to someone without experience.

Allowing JC Heating & Cooling expert professionals to perform maintenance on your system ensures that your air conditioning receives the best care while keeping you safe from a potentially dangerous job.

While regular AC maintenance can seem like an investment, maintaining a system is much cheaper than repairing or replacing one. If your technician discovers a problem with your air conditioning system early, it allows them to address it before it becomes a more costly issue.

The cost of maintenance service will depend on the type of unit you have and the amount of service it needs. You can call our team to schedule a free estimate in Hodgkins, IL.

What Is the Difference Between Maintenance and Cleaning My AC Unit?

AC unit maintenance ensures that all the components of your system are in top working order. AC cleaning involves cleaning aids to eliminate dust from your unit’s mechanisms and cleaning all internal parts with special chemicals. Both practices improve the air quality, airflow, and cleanliness of your unit.

AC Maintenance

AC Maintenance Near Me

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