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AC Compressor Replacement in Downers Grove

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Don’t let AC part failure steal your comfort. Beat the heat with professional AC compressor replacement in Downers Grove. Call JC Heating & Cooling, Inc. at 708-968-3131 today!

Over time, indoor air conditioning technology has improved. Today’s property owners can choose from various systems, depending on their budget and indoor cooling needs. Despite these innovations, most air conditioners still use the same components to get the job done.

What’s more, even the most well-maintained AC systems may break down. Over time, age and wear may result in one or more malfunctioning parts. Of these, AC compressors are the most expensive and critical components to repair or replace.

When AC compressor failure happens, property owners depend on affordable, skilled services like those we offer at JC Heating & Cooling, Inc. At JC Heating & Cooling, Inc., we combine years of experience with the latest trade knowledge to deliver fast, budget-friendly heating and air services. Residents and business owners in Downers Grove, IL, trust us for their HVAC and AC repair, maintenance, and installation needs.

If your AC compressor starts functioning poorly, don’t wait for it to break down. Call JC Heating & Cooling, Inc. for a repair services quote today.

AC Compressor

Know the Signs of a Bad AC Compressor

AC Compressor Not Turning On

A malfunctioning compressor may randomly turn on and off. It may also fail to turn on at all.

Water Leaks

Sometimes, damaged compressors cause freezing within an AC unit. In these cases, thaw and other circumstances may result in water leaking from or pooling around the external AC unit.

Avoid self-diagnosing the issue if you notice water around your external HVAC or AC unit. Schedule an inspection and repair estimate with reliable heating and air professionals in Downers Grove.

Low Refrigerant Levels

When AC compressors become damaged or malfunction, refrigerant leaks often follow. Refrigerant may leak from the bottom or pool around your external AC unit. Your unit may also give off a strong refrigerant smell.

Many owners don’t notice lower refrigerant levels until it’s too late. Avoid this outcome by scheduling regular inspections and maintenance for your AC or HVAC unit.

Unusual or Loud Noises

Over time, your AC unit may make more noise than when it was new. While these normal noises come with age, your unit should not make any loud rattling, banging, or screeching noises.

These noises may indicate several different problems. Turn off power to your AC unit if you notice any unusually loud or jarring sounds.

Fluctuating Indoor Temperatures

Refrigerant leaks, freezing compressors, and other issues mean your AC unit can’t function efficiently. As a result, your indoor temperatures may fluctuate. Alternatively, you may need to constantly lower the temperature on your thermostat to achieve desired indoor temperatures.

If your unit struggles to cool indoor spaces, it’s time to take action. Schedule a check-up or AC compressor replacement now to prevent large repair bills.

Find Affordable AC Repair Services in Downers Grove, IL

Property owners can make the most of their AC system with preventative maintenance and regular upkeep from trained professionals. These services keep your AC unit running longer and more efficiently. However, even the best-maintained cooling systems can experience part failure.

No matter when AC issues strike, you deserve access to affordable, trustworthy repair services. For home and business owners in Downers Grove, IL, the solution lies with JC Heating & Cooling, Inc.

Our professionals work hard to help Downers Grove, IL, residents stay comfortable year-round. We offer various HVAC and AC repair services, including AC compressor replacement, refrigerant refills, and repairs for heat pumps.

Schedule your quote today by calling us at 708-968-3131!