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AC Coil Cleaning in Downers Grove

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Don’t sweat dirty AC coils. Keep your AC working all summer in Downers Grove, IL, with AC coil cleaning from JC Heating & Cooling, Inc. Call 708-968-3131 today to learn more!

Modern air conditioning systems contain many complex components that work together to cool your indoor spaces. All components must remain in good working condition to cool your home, from AC compressors to ductwork. When a part fails, it compromises the system and your indoor comfort.

Preventative maintenance is the key to avoiding sudden part failure or loss of system efficiency. With regular inspections and services such as refrigerant checks, AC coil cleaning, and more, you can maximize your indoor cooling system.

At JC Heating & Cooling, Inc., we help our clients achieve the ultimate indoor comfort. Come to us if you need a dependable AC coil cleaning company in Downers Grove, IL.

What Are AC Coils?

Air conditioner coils, such as evaporator coils or condenser coils, play a vital role in most air conditioning units. These coils work with the compressor and other components to cool the air. They also help distribute the cooled air throughout your indoor spaces.

Different Types of AC Coils

Most air conditioners use two types of coils to get the job done.

Evaporator coils, typically located inside the air handler, contain cold liquid refrigerant. Hot air from the blower or air handler passes over the refrigerant in these coils. As a result, the refrigerant absorbs radiant heat. 

Condenser coils then take the heat absorbed by the refrigerant and redistribute it outside. Problems arise when these coils become dirty, clogged, or otherwise damaged. Property owners may notice struggling HVAC units, loud noises, refrigerant leaks, frozen systems, and other issues.

If your AC coils need cleaning, schedule a professional system inspection with a first-class AC coil cleaning company. Call JC Heating & Cooling, Inc., in Downers Grove, IL, at 708-968-3131.

Benefits of AC Coil Cleaning in Downers Grove, IL

Many new or inexperienced property owners don’t consider AC coil cleaning as part of necessary maintenance and upkeep. However, AC and HVAC coils can fail like any other component in your unit. With proper care, you can keep your coils and all other AC parts working like new.

The benefits of cleaning the coils include:

  • Improve AC energy efficiency
  • Reduced utility costs
  • Extended AC longevity and durability
  • More accurate temperature control

Most heating and cooling professionals know that HVAC systems maintenance includes air conditioner coil cleaning. To avoid potential AC issues in Downers Grove, IL, schedule maintenance services with JC Heating & Cooling, Inc.

How AC Coils Get Cleaned

Cleaning air conditioner coils involves gaining access to these parts. Professionals will then use suitable materials to remove debris, dust, or other organic matter built up around or inside the coils.

Most coils are in locations where debris and other factors can’t damage these sensitive and vital parts. As a result, property owners may find it challenging to access evaporator or condenser coils. Moreover, these coils typically require special knowledge and tools for effective cleaning.

Given these factors, professional AC coil cleaning delivers a safe, lasting alternative to DIY repairs.

Top-Rated AC Coil Cleaning Company Near Me

If you’re searching for an AC coil cleaning company in Downers Grove, IL, look no further than JC Heating & Cooling, Inc. We have the tools and experience to perform comprehensive AC coil cleaning services. We offer everything from AC cleaning to compressor replacements.

Call us today at 708-968-3131 for quotes on AC coil cleaning and more in Downers Grove, IL.